Wireless Fibre

Say Hello to Wireless Fibre

Say Hello to Wireless Fibre!

The no-fuss Fibre connection for anyone lucky enough to be in one of our Wireless Fibre Hot Spots…

What is it? Wireless Fibre is exactly what it says on the box.

We place an incredibly powerful Fibre line in a “high site” near one of our Faircom Fibre connectors. Then we use a high-tech wireless transmitter to send that Fibre connection out into the surrounding area. 

When you order your Faircom Wireless Fibre, we install a receiver at your building to “catch” that Fibre connection. Then all you need to do is plug in your pre-configured Faircom wireless router and Hey-Presto! You have a high-speed Fibre internet in your home without any pesky cables.

No need to dig up the pavement, re-arrange your flower beds, or run long cables around your building. 

No Fuss – Just Fibre. 

Find out if your area has Wireless Fibre by searching our interactive connectivity map here