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What is Wireless Fibre?

Wireless gives you all the benefits of Fibre. It’s still fast, reliable and affordable but with Wireless you don’t need all the Fibre cabling, dug up pavements and infrastructure.

Faircom’s Wireless Fibre makes use of our incredibly powerful Internect Fibre connection which transmits a high-speed Fibre signal from one of our strategic high-sites to an antenna which we place on your building.

This antenna then transmits the Fibre signal to the router placed inside your home. So you have all the benefits of Fibre with none of the fuss.

What is Wireless Fibre?
Questions Answered.

Fiber optic internet speed is about 20 times faster than regular cable internet and 80 times faster than DSL

Faircom uses what we call a “high site” where we place a large antenna. This allows us to broadcast fibre-like speeds and latency from our high site to your receiver that is located on your building or roof.

Wireless fibre is a whole lot cheaper than regular fibre. It’s also pretty handy if you’re in a building where it’s easier to put an antenna on the roof than it is to dig up the pavement (not all Body Corporates allow Fibre installation).

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