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Fibre in Cape Town (60+ Year Story)

What’s the Deal with Fibre in Cape Town? 

Fibre in Cape Town has seen a massive boom in the years since its initial deployment in the city. Fibre optic cabling was first invented in 1952 by physicist Narinder Singh Kapany. After further developments and innovation, fibre optic cables were being laid around the world by the ‘90s to serve as the international backbone for the internet. Nowadays, fibre optic cables have replaced copper lines to homes and fibre in Cape Town is reaching more locations than ever before.

Fibre in Cape Town is an interconnected network of light transmitting cables which have thankfully phased out copper cable infrastructure.

When Was Fibre Launched in Cape Town ?

Fibre in Cape Town only really became available around 2016. In 2005 the High Court issued a decision to allow telecommunications companies to build their own fibre optic networks in the country. This landmark decision sparked the fibre revolution and access to this future-proof technology has been improving every year. In 2014 it was reported in government’s General Household Survey that only 10% of households had internet access in the country revealing that fibre roll out had been slow.

Which Areas in Cape Town Have Fibre? 

Fibre in Cape Town has seen strong growth with areas of availability increasing all the time. Faircom’s underlying infrastructure provider, Internect, as well as our open access partners have made great strides! Enter your address in the search bar below to see if we’ve reached your area yet:

What is the Best Fibre in Town? 

Choosing the best fibre in Cape Town is more than just picking a price… There are many factors to consider. While price is an extremely important factor, value is just as important! We believe in fairness and that’s why we include a number of extra value factors to offer our customers. Our fibre in Cape Town packages are all uncapped, unshaped and are backed by our affordable monthly billing offers. So the answer to the age old question: “what is the best fibre in Cape Town?”. Well, we hope you’ll make that decision for yourself.