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Choose the Best ISP (4 Easy Steps to Internet Bliss)

The Best ISP is Just 4 Easy Steps Away!

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the best ISP of them all? Jokes aside, we know why you’re here. You want to find the best ISP for your internet needs. Just follow these 4 easy steps:

1. Test Your Current Internet Speed

Head over to MyBroadband’s Speed Test and check what your current connection speed is. If you’re satisfied with how fast your internet connection is, then you can stick to this speed. If not, carry on to step 2.

2. Figure Out What Speed Internet You Need

If you’re not totally happy with your current speeds, decide how much faster you want your internet speed to be. Chances are you can double, triple or even quadruple your current speed for just a few extra bucks a month.

3. Check Fibre Coverage in Your Area

All of the best apartment blocks in Cape Town have fibre! But if you’re unsure – Click through to the Faircom Fibre Map and check if your area is covered. If there’s no coverage in your area, let us know by filling out the enquiry form and as soon as fibre is available in your area we’ll let you know!

4. Pick a Package

Once you’ve decided what speed you want, and made sure that fibre is available in your area, you can decide on a plan that best fits your needs. Check your budget and decide how much you can spend each month without breaking the bank. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Those are the four basic steps to choosing the best ISP for your needs! Done and dusted. But if you’re looking for more nitty-gritty details we’ve got you covered too. Keep reading for bonus tips specifically for residential and business applications. 

Choosing the best ISP is as easy as following the 4 steps and you’ll be up and running in no time (FAST).

How to Choose the Best ISP for Home?

1. Check the Fine Print

We know it’s not fun but reading the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of an ISP will reveal its true colours. Many try to hide their Fair Usage Policy (FUP) clauses deep within the AUP. Simply put, the AUP is there to ensure all laws are abided by where a FUP is there to limit customers. Faircom has no FUP.

2. Contract Cancellation Costs

Many ISPs include “cancellation fees” if you decide to cancel your subscription to their service before a fixed term period has elapsed (typically 12 months). While it’s necessary to settle any outstanding bills with your ISP, a cancellation fee can be an unexpected additional expense. Not great if you’re moving to a new apartment or home…

How to Choose the Best ISP for Business?

1. Check ISPA Status

When considering an ISP for your business, be sure to check that the provider is compliant and registered with the Internet Service Provider’s Association

2. Review the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The SLA should cover the major benefits you can expect from them. These should include things like dedicated 24/7 support and no throttling.