Wireless Fibre

The Wireless Customer Journey

Step One

So, you’ve visited the Faircom website, searched your address in the map, waited while the results were calculated – and Boom! You’re in a Wireless Fibre High Site! 

Excited about all you’ll soon be able to do online, you fill in the application form and fire it off to the Faircom team by hitting the “Submit” button.

This is the first step to epic Wireless Fibre internet zapping across the sky into your home.

Step Two

The Faircom team hear a “ping” as your application form lands in their inbox. The nearest technician slams his coffee mug down and opens the mail. His takes to his keyboard to type you a reply faster than a first time Tinder user saying “Hi” when you instant match. 

Step Three

Our enthusiastic technician jumps into his Faircape bakkie with your address pre-loaded to his GPS so that he can drive past your home to check line-of-sight to our nearest Wireless Fibre tower. Here our hero slows down to a meticulous pace to make absolutely certain that your building is able to receive Wireless Fibre directly from the tower, with no tall buildings obscuring the line-of-sight.

Step Four

Back at his desk, our technician will send you an email to let you know what the outcome of his investigation is. If you are able to receive Wireless Fibre, he will ask you to schedule a time for installation.

If you are not able to receive Wireless Fibre, he will let you know what your alternatives are. 

Step Five

For the successful applicant, installation of the Wireless aerial onto your roof will now be completed. We’ll give you a router and everything else you need to get cracking.

Step Six

You sit back, relax, and fire up that laptop because your online adventure is about to begin.