Fibre internet

No FUP, no fine print. What is a FUP and why don’t we have it

A FUP is a Fair Usage Policy and it to cut a long story short – it means that if you use more than a set amount of your supposedly “uncapped” internet in a 30 day period “they” (other ISPs who carry a FUP) will slow down your Fibre line to a snail’s pace.

At Faircom we believe your internet should be as unlimited as your imagination.

That’s why we say “No” to FUP and “Yes” to unlimited internet, “Yes” to high speed fibre, and “Yes” to personalised customer service.

If we did carry a FUP we would probably have a lot more to say about it than that, but we don’t FUP, so that’s really all there is to it.

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