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FUP stands for Fair Usage Policy. All ISPs have a FUP or an acceptable usage policy. At Faircom, we don’t use our acceptable usage policy to limit or curb your uncapped data use in any way (most ISPs do), but there are still a few rules and regulations.

This is because we have to uphold all South African laws and regulations around dangerous illegal activity. Read our acceptable usage policy for more information.

It all depends on what you want to do with your internet.

10Mbps Uncapped Fibre

  • Ideal for 2 or 3 devices.
  • Usual browsing.
  • Occasional streaming (1 user at a time).

20 Mbps – 40 Mbps

  • Ideal for 3 to 5 devices.
  • Usual browsing.
  • Downloading large files.
  • Streaming – more than 1 device at a time.
  • Zoom meetings.
  • VoIP calls.

50 Mbps – 100 Mbps

  • Ideal for 5 devices or more
  • Usual browsing
  • Downloading large files
  • HD Streaming
  • Zoom meetings
  • VoIP calls
  • Online gaming

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10 Mbps
Uncapped Fibre

20 Mbps to
40 Mbps

50 Mbps to
100 Mbps


You can cancel your uncapped package at any time –
with only a 1 month notice period.

However, your installation and router cost to the company is worked out over a 12 month period. So, if you cancel before the first 12 months are up, you will be liable for the outstanding months’ portion of these payments. If you stay longer than 12 months, your installation and router are entirely free.

Once your fibre line is activated, you will be able to activate your connection. You simply plug in your router and follow the instructions included in your router box.