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  • Get calling with VoIP today

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    Quality voice connectivity at lower-cost

Switch to VoIP

Drop your Telkom line, keep your existing landline number and switch to our lower-cost telephone service.

The benefits of VoIP

Here’s some of the many benefits of opting for an IP-based telephony service

Save significantly on phone calls

Communicate from anywhere in the world where there’s internet connectivity. This translates to cheaper calls, especially to cell phones and international numbers. Plus, no change of number necessary.

Better mobility

Communicate from anywhere in the world where there’s internet connectivity. No change of number necessary!

Many more features

Programmable buttons, teleconferencing capability, unified messaging, voicemail to email transcription, auto-attendant feature, caller ID and call waiting (to name just a few features).

Easy set-up

VoIP is easier to install and configure than traditional phone systems.

Fewer restrictions

With Faircom fibre you can use as many VOIP handsets as you desire all over the same connection. We can issue or port any number of incoming phone numbers you desire.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is an IP phone?

    VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows you to place phone calls over the internet. IP phones connect to your phone service via the internet using an Ethernet cable. IP phones include desk, cordless and conference phones and resemble your everyday office phone. The only difference is, they use a different technology for powering calls.

  • How are IP phones different from landline phones?

    IP phones work the same way as analog or landline phones, the only difference is in the transmission. IP phones transmit voice data digitally anywhere across the internet. By using your regular internet connection, they bypass the trunks and cables (and as a result, charges) laid down by telephone companies. Talk about a major expense saving!

  • What else makes IP phones better?

    The demand for IP phone systems is ever-increasing – across both large and small organisations. Here’s why:

    • Connect via the existing internet connection in your office – no complex hardware or investing in copper wires to carry analog signals all around the office.
    • Users can make free calls to other IP phones in the organisation.
    • Cloud phone systems enable unlimited simultaneous calls and eliminate rollover lines (including the extra costs per line).
    • Avoid busy signals completely!
    • Updates can be done remotely through the phone’s web-connected interface. No more waiting for a technician to come out and program a new extension, install updates or perform maintenance checks.
    • The ideal replacement for outdated intercom systems.
    • Save with the option of credit limits, soft limits and hard limits complete with email notifications.
    • Feel more secure with pin-based dialing by setting up your phone up so it asks for a password.
    • Give yourself peace of mind with the various service plans available. Make it so certain extensions can only call other extensions and/or national numbers and/or international numbers. You get the point…
  • Where can I use my IP phone?

    A defining quality of IP phones is that you can use them in any location where you have an internet connection. In other words, the IP phone itself doesn’t rely on the physical location of the organisation. Simply unplug, take it to another location and plug it in again. Your line, i.e. your phone number and/or extension, as well as its settings, e.g. routing rules, hold music etc. won’t be affected. Making it easier to work remotely! You can even use your VoIP account on your cell phone!

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