Take your business to the next level

Low Latency to London

Connections to LINX Redundancy Means Reliability

Qualified Engineer Support


No Shaping

We believe in an open internet society, and that means never tampering with your usage profile. You pay for a service, and we provide it. It’s that simple.

No Throttling

We never throttle network traffic. Instead of slowing you down, we speed up by constantly upgrading the capacity of our infrastructure.

No Fair Use Policy (FUP)

We know that no Fair Use Policy is the only fair policy to use. That’s why we’re Faircom.

Quick Turnaround & Dedicated Support

Our qualified network engineers are waiting to assist you


No Detours

We’re here for the long haul, so we built something that lasts. Direct access to International Backbones.


Some of our Clients

Black River Park – Commercial Client

Black River Park is a modern, and diverse business park located in Observatory, Cape Town. We implemented a dual-fibre entry point system at Black River Park to provide an extra level of redundancy. That means, if one cable is accidentally damaged by roadworks, for example, a business can continue uninterrupted.

Wembley Square – Mixed Use Commercial & Residential Client

As the owner of the underlying infrastructure for Wembley Square, we’re able to provide the most competitive pricing for our ISP clients. Residents and businesses of this sophisticated complex in Gardens, Cape Town get the highest value with connection in 5 business days and 24/7 technician support.


Greenford Office Park – Commercial Client

With over 15,000m2 of office space home to pharmaceutical, financial service providers, accountants and insurance brokers, Greenford Office Park needs reliable, quality fibre. And we’re the ones to provide it.

More Reasons to Choose Faircom Biz

Highly Personalised

We provide custom solutions designed for your needs.

Managed Network Hardware

Don’t stress about the technicalities of configuration and maintenance – it all stays in our capable hands

Metrics & Reporting

At your request, we can provide statistics on internal wireless bandwidth and latency directly from the router at any time.