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la familia

Think of us as your colourful extended family full of step brothers and cousins twice removed.


Johnnny is the overachieving big brother turned businessman. He takes no prisoners when it comes to work and he dominates the dinner table conversation with talk about the next big project, when he isn’t replying to emails on his phone under the table, hoping mom won’t notice.


Your cousin who is actually your uncle (laatlammetjies, am I right?). Also, who spells Zak with a ‘k’? He’s a YouTube gamer who likes to play high-res survival games into the early hours of the morning. You know your mom would never have let YOU stay up that late, but this kid gets away with everything.


Missy is your long lost sister. She seems nice – she’s a real busy body, coming up with crazy new projects that she found online. With way too many tabs open at any given time, it’s a good thing her connection is wireless because she doesn’t like to be pinned down.


The times may be changing, technology may have advanced in leaps and bounds, but mama bear still likes to spend hours on the phone nattering to grandma overseas about goodness knows what? And if dad asks, it’s not a psychic. Luckily her call rate is really good!

how to order?

Don’t you just hate it when your brain goes, “Huh?”. We’re all about fun, but we’re also all about doing it right the first time, which means that there is a process that keeps the cogwheels turning. Luckily, we made it easy … hold on to your hats folks.

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