Fibre internet, T's and C's

Why reading the T’s and C’s are important

Becoming a Fibre Customer: Why Faircom Stands Out

When signing up for high-speed internet, understanding the terms and conditions of the service is crucial. In today’s digital age, high-speed internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity. We will emphasise the importance of reading the terms and conditions and explain why Faircom is the best option for fibre customers.

Safeguarding you

Faircom takes pride in its customer-centric approach, offering clear and concise terms that protect your interests. Carefully reading the T’s and C’s helps you better understand the agreement you have entered, what your rights are as the customer, and what the fibre provider’s obligations are to you as the customer. It ensures transparency and prevents any unexpected surprises. 

Managing Data Usage

Compared to other ISPs, who carry a fair usage policy (FUP) and throttle your speeds the closer you get to your cap, Faircom does not. We promise to never throttle or shape our fibre packages. By reading the T’s & C’s, you can assess how Faircom manages data usage and whether it aligns with your needs. Faircom’s usage policies are fair and unlimited, ensuring consistent and reliable internet access.

Privacy, data protection and contractual obligations 

In the digital age, protecting your personal information is critical. The T’s and C’s of a contract will outline and hopefully explain how your data is collected, stored, and used. Faircom prioritises customer privacy, adhering to strict data protection standards and ensuring your information remains confidential.

In any agreement, the T’s and C’s outline the obligations of the parties involved. In an agreement with a service provider, it is important to understand the terms related to contract duration, early termination fees, and cancellation policies. Faircom offers flexible contracts and transparent termination procedures, empowering you with the freedom to adapt to changing circumstances.

Faircom –  Cape Town’s best ISP

Becoming a fibre customer is an important decision, and understanding the T’s and C’s is crucial to ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience. With Faircom, you can expect transparent terms and conditions, unlimited data usage, flexible contracts, and stringent privacy measures. By prioritising your rights and needs, Faircom is committed to offering an exceptional internet experience. Make an informed choice by reading the T’s and C’s and opt for Faircom to enjoy reliable, high-speed internet with complete peace of mind.


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