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Just like our internet connection, signing up with us is fast and effective. Plus, there’s no contracts so you can cancel any time.


Find out if you’re covered by entering the name of your block or area in the search bar. Covered? Sign up right away by completing the online application form.


Someone from our Support Team will be in touch soon after to finalise your application and, where applicable, arrange for delivery of a router and book an installation date*.

*If you’re living in a pre-cabled block (23 Arthurs Road, Anfield Village, Canal Quays, Intaba, Upper Eastside or Wembley Square) installation won’t be necessary. Lucky you!


Our trained technical team will be around to do their thing.


That’s it! You’re officially connected to super-fast fibre internet. Now let the magic begin.

Ready to order?

We’ve made ordering fibre super fast and easy. Let’s go!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m a landlord, what’s in it for me?

    Not only are units easier to sell and rent when they have access to a fibre connection, fibre internet can boost the value of your investment!

  • As a tenant, what costs will I incur?

    We have a zero once-off costs policy in all Internect blocks. This means you stay flexible with a month-to-month contract and we absorb the cost of everything else (including a free-to-use router and installation and/or activation).

  • What happens when my lease is over?

    When we say “no contracts” we mean it. Let us know you’re leaving and your account will be terminated. Plus, you have the opportunity to receive your last month free* simply by handing over your fibre line to the right person.

  • As a tenant, how can I get one month for free?

    Put us in touch with the owner/managing agent of the property. We’ll reach out to them with the opportunity to take over your line. If they agree, you’ll both receive your first/last month subscription free respectively!  

    *Applies only when 30 days notice is given.

  • As a tenant, do I need to get permission before installing fibre?

    Good news! Your block is already live with fibre which means the messy business of rolling out infrastructure is over. The next step is to have a fibre line brought into your unit. We recommend getting in touch with the owner of the property before going ahead with this. Fibre is a win-win for owners and tenants so let us know if you’d prefer us to get in touch with them. 

  • Fibre has already been installed in my block – do I need to get permission from the owner before activating it?

    Great news! Fibre has already been installed in the following blocks so it’s a simple case of getting it activated with our free-to-use plug-and-play router. No permission from the owner of the property needed. 

    • 23 Arthurs Road
    • Anfield Village
    • Canal Quays
    • Intaba
    • Upper Eastside
    • Wembley Square
  • What kind of turnaround are we looking at?

    Turnaround time is dependent on network provider. Over the Internect network, you can expect to get connected in 5 business days or less.

  • Be honest, are your packages throttled or shaped?

    Our packages are 100% unthrottled and unshaped. This means you can enjoy the same speed ANY time of the night or day. Gamechanger.

Need some help?

Get in touch, our support staff will be happy to assist.