doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg

Faircom has partnered with multiple infrastructure providers to ensure that you have the best value at your disposal. What's more, we won't charge if you switch to one of our other infrastructure providers.

Fibre to the Home

We have a range of fibre packages to ensure you are paying for only what you need and no more!

All our fibre packages support VoIP services which means you can make calls for a fraction of the price!

Faircom High Speed Fibre Internet

The Benefits of our Fibre to the Home Packages

When we say our fibre packages are the best, we mean it. Not only are our packages affordable,
you will receive Unthrottled, Unshaped and Unmatched fibre that shapes and favours you internet needs.

Reliable and
Reduce Costs by
Combining Data,
Voice, Video and
IP-Based Products
Unthrottled and
Internet Connectivity
Installation on a
12 Month

Frequently Asked Questions

Fibre Internet in Cape Town