About Us

Ultra fast, unshaped,
unthrottled professional internet.

Faircom High Speed Fibre Internet

Faircom is a fast growing internet service provider in Cape Town offering reliable high speed internet. Over and above our general residential and commercial packages, we have experience and expertise in providing internet solutions to business parks, residential cluster developments and apartment blocks.

High Speed and Open Access Fibre

We maintain multiple redundant interconnections with carriers for fast, reliable access to the internet backbone. We have a direct presence at Cape Town's leading internet exchanges, own and operate our own backbone network in the Cape Town metro area and have designed our network to be robust and reliable.

Faircom High Speed Fibre Internet

How this is made possible

Our core network is built on carrier grade infrastructure with NGN fibre routes providing our customers with internet access that is considerably faster than ADSL and more reliable than wireless technology.

By peering with other carriers, we ensure that the most popular internet content is served to our clients across high-speed local connections wherever possible. Faircom is a member of ISPA (the Internet Service Provider's Association) and is fully compliant with the ISPA Code of Conduct.

Fibre is more affordable than you think!

Faircom is the most competitively-priced network in the Western Cape. We strive for excellent network performance and give our clients the best experience at a low cost.

With the combination of varied skills, approach and experience, the Faircom support team is uniquely qualified to meet your needs for improved fibre services, network services and reliable support. Excellent performance is more affordable than you think.

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